Offshore 2, this time it’s breakfast

I’ve written about Offshore, their vegan menu and their surprisingly meaty burger before but I’m a bit of a completist so I wanted to go back for breakfast. We had the chance over Christmas when it was one of the few places open that were dog friendly. Well it’s dog friendly outside but with the mild climate of the English Rivera, heaters, and our coats on it was good enough for us.

For me it was avocado and lime on a split English muffin. Took a bit of explaining when the chap taking our order thought I wanted the version with the poached egg but we got there in the end. Now I’m going to say something controversial. I think there was a bit too much avocado on this one. It was heaped on. So for the first time I’m going to recommend the avocado be spread a bit more finely. That felt odd to say.

Kate was onto a winner though. She ordered the vegan version of the full English. I think this is the best vegan full English in the bay. As much as I like home made beans and vegetables instead of sausages sometimes I just want Heinz. To everything there is a season, sometimes you have to go with the classics. Here they have done the classics really well. That sausage was meaty and perfect. The beans came out of the tin. There were hashbrowns. Best full English in the bay.


Vegan Options at Bombay Express 

Bombay Express is our local Indian and while I’ve known for a while that it has vegan options I’ve been reluctant to try them. I do prefer to go to places were vegan options are marked on the menu because I’m awkward and panic easily. But recently they had an offer for world vegan day so I held Kate’s hand and bravely went in to ask what we could have.

There is quite a lot of choice. You can have a vegetable balti, jalfrezi or madras. There’s also garlic chilli vegetable on the menu. Bombay potatoes, aloo gobi, channa massala, tarka dhal, saag aloo and mushroom bhaji can all be ordered as a side or a main. So between me and Kate we polished off four side dish sized portions. Clockwise from top left we have the dhal which is super creamy, a saag aloo that’s full of flavourful spinach, a rich channa masala and a delicious portion of Bombay potatoes.

It’s always great to have another vegan take away option, it’s brilliant to have one that is so very yummy.

Grocery Store Tips And Tricks: Vegan Mofo Day 12

I have a love for food shopping that leaves most people baffled and questioning my sanity.  Unfortunately I just don’t have very many tips and tricks. I’m not really organised about my food shopping. I have found some fun products in my time thought. If you’re in Torquay all of these were found in the Newton Road branch.

Three of the Best: Accidentally Vegan at Asda

bacon fries

Bacon Flavour Crinkle Fries

Some things you just buy to amuse yourself and these crinkle fries are one of those things. Crinkle is the second best shape for a chip after curly and bacon is, apparently, the greatest flavour. Put them together and what do you get? A chip that tastes like a warm frazzle. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.


Find them in the freezer section with the other chips.


Garlic Dough Balls 

Made with oil and not butter these doughballs are suitable for vegans. That does make it oily though. Have a napkin on hand for when you eat these. They are deliciously garlicky and and are perfect on the side of your pizza or pasta.


Find them in the freezer section near the pizza.

mint thins

Mint Thins

Mint with chocolate on top. Own brand After Eights but without the dairy by-products. Delicious. It’s mint and chocolate, what more can I say.

mint thins open

Find then by the sharing sweets.

Vegan Cheese is Real Cheese: Vegan Mofo Day 6

When the Kind Grind opened back in July they didn’t have a kitchen which meant they only had cakes and pre-packaged snacks.  I’m not complaining, I love both of those but sometimes I wasn’t something a little more savoury. Luckily in the last couple of months they’ve got the kitchen fixed up and brought new additions to the menu. Exciting.


If you are around for breakfast you can get yourself a lovely crumpet with a variety of toppings. Come lunch and you can get a mezze platter, a baguette, a panini or try a special. We’re going to talk about the paninis today. Because it’s cheese themed!


Kate went for a cheese and pesto panini. I think, technically it comes with tomatoes but she asks for it without large slices of vegetables. It was yum. The cheese is delicious. Importantly they also get the timing on the panini press just right. I’ve been burned by an over cooked panini before. Literally.


Typically, I had mine with chilli. My love of chilli is, I think, rather well documented. I’m loving it. It may have become my favourite quick lunch. And I can’t help but being excited that vegan cheese has gone from barely edible to delicious in the last few years. Not to mention how great it is to have a local vegan cafe!


Papa Johns Arrives in Torquay and A Defence of Chain Pizza

The first time I saw a Papa Johns I wondered what the point was. Within walking distance there were two other pizza places nearby. Two amazing local places with fantastic pizza. Of course that was before I vegetarian, never mind vegan. And before I moved to TQ1. If a chain that offers vegan food wants to move in I’m not going to complain.

Can I have all of the veggies but none of the cheese?

When we got back from Skye we were tired and lacked food in the cupboards. A perfect time for a take away. All I needed to do was add toppings, remove cheese (in that order or it doesn’t work) and wait for delivery.

Shortly before this revolution in Torre’s pizza scene there was another one. We have Deliveroo now. Both Rock Garden and Pizza Express are available through them. You can only order from the menu at Pizza Express so that means the Vegan Giardiniera. This has the benefit of vegan cheese but it could really have done with something like… twice as many toppings. Or three times. I’m not picky, just hungry.

Unfortunately comes without tripod thing

I’m pretty happy with my delivery pizza options these days. Though I’d be jumping for joy if more local places offered vegan options. I love the vegan cheese that Pizza Express offers but in terms of coustomizing your toppings and value for money Papa Johns comes out ahead. I’m not sure what I think of the Special Garlic sauce though…

Vegan On The Go: Torquay Style

Since Jeremy Corbyn didn’t come out as a vegan the Guardian has stepped up it’s game with veganism articles. We got two on Tuesday. One of them was called Vegan On The Go: high-street options that make an animal-free diet easy. It’s by Alexis Gauthier. It does not contain one suggestion that would work in Torquay. We don’t have Pret, our M&S and Sainsburys are out of town. No Leon, no Benugo. And all of the options are salad. Except the one that suggests going into a supermarket for a pot of humus.

This does not make an animal-free diet seem easy. Or appetising. Or possible outside London. So I’m going to present my list to you. Vegan On The Go. Food available on Fleet Walk to Upper Union Street. That you can eat while walking, waiting for a bus or in complete violation of the no eating signs of the bus. Grab and go only, nothing that requires a special order. This is a list for those of us in a rush.

Starbucks: A few options available but the Kale, Jalapeno and Slaw Wrap is my favourite.

I really did take this picture on a bus

Cafe Nero: A couple of wraps.

Tesco: There are lots of little bits and bobs you can find in the chiller at the front. There’s hummus and veggies, prepared fruit, and, my to go snack everywhere, vegetable samosa.

Love in Pastry

Warrens: Pastys. This is my favourite option. And I know I’ve written about them before but I love them.  Get yourself a Pasty from Warrens to fill you up. They’re fab.

Boots: I haven’t tried it yet but there’s a vegan salad pot.

So there are five genuinely quick and easy options for a  vegan lunch you don’t even need to think about. If you’re in Torquay.



Rock Garden, Stone Baked Vegan Pizza

Rock garden is legendary amongst vegans in Torquay. They were one of the first places in town to offer vegan food options and they have a full vegan menu (found here!) and they can even tell you what drinks are vegan. Although the burgers an fajitas sounded tempting this place is famous for it’s wood fired pizzas so that is what we went for.

I ordered a vegan cheese pizza with sun dried tomatoes, red onion and mushroom. Kate had hers with just cheese. The member of staff who took my order was really enthusiastic, telling us that the vegan cheese they use is amazing. Only the mouth feel would be different from dairy cheese. She was right. It’s really delicious cheese. Which is a good thing because they put way too much on.

A very vegan cheesy pizza

Out by the crust things were going fine but as we got closer to the centre we found that the cheese had basically become a sauce leaving the pizza tasting more like a lasagna. I think this is a problem most pizza places have that offer vegan cheese. It doesn’t behave the same as a dairy cheese so putting just as much on often leads to puddles. As much as I love a cheesy pizza I also want to taste the topping, the tomato sauce, and the stone baked crust.


I managed to eat enough of my pizza to justify desert. Oh who am I kidding, I ate all of it. Out of the vegan options Kate picked the Orange, Almond an Chocolate Truffle Torte. Decadent and very orangy. I went for the Fravacado Ice Cream with raw cacao fudge sauce swirl. It was icy and creamy alright but I wouldn’t necessarily call it an ice cream. It was pretty yummy though.


We’ll probably pop into Rock Garden again, if not for the full three courses then to try out the lighter options.

Rock Garden is just off Fleet Walk and you can find there website here. They are also available through Deliveroo