Survival Food: Vegan Mofo Day 16

As I woke up to a mustard yellow sky this morning so this is a rather good day to write about food we could eat in an apocalypse. Yesterday I put on my foraging boots on and went out to grab some rose hips. Actually I managed to do it all in flats. I got 500g of hips no more than five minutes away from my front door.

So what to do with my newly acquired hips? Well for that we’re going to go back in time to a trip to Ikea when I needed a post shopping pick me up and found a rather promising looking bottle of Rosehip Drink. 

As I was enjoying it I though about all of the rose hip recipes I haven’t tried yet. I thought that I would pick a bunch the first chance I got. Though I probably wouldn’t have bothered if it wasn’t for this prompt. As I was forced into action by mofo I made rosehip cordial following this recipe. It’s yum. I’m planning on serving it with lemonade for bonus sugar.


Spicy: Vegan Mofo Day 15

I have a large and varied spice collection but there are two that stand out for me. I like to think of them as siblings, or best mates. They appear together around the globe: from India, across the Middle East, to the Americas. It’s coriander and cumin. 

Labels Lie

Just like I love all sorts of spices I love all sorts of food cooked with them. I’ve already paired these together chilli this mofo. It’s time to use it on potatoes. The following recipy serves 2.

Crispy Oven Baked Chips

1 large baking potato

1 teaspoon cumin

1 teaspoon coriander 

1/2 salt, smoked if you have it

1 tablespoon nutral oil, such as vegetable

Pre heat the oven to 200°c 
Slice the chips, try not to leave many thicker than 1.5cm. As for skins you can leave them on or off, your choice.

Place the spices in a large bowl, place the chips on top and drizzle the oil on. Shake everything around until fully coated. 

Bake in the oven for 45 mins. Flip the chips over half way through.

Repurposing food: Vegan Mofo day 14

I was musing on writing a serious response to this prompt but when I mentioned it to Stephen he said ‘well what about Dirk?’

We’ve had Dirk, our guinea pig, for a little over a year now. We adopted him as an adult because he was difficult. He originally lived with his siblings but he fought them over food. He was tried in other combinations but the second you put a food dish down he goes crazy. He is great with people though so it was decided that he should be rehomed with people who would give him lots of attention. 

Nibbling PSB stems

Dirk is a greedy pig but his favourite things are crunchy. He likes broccoli stems, kale stems, chard stems, apple peel, carrot tops. Basically anything that would normally get thrown away. We’re such pushovers that even the perfectly edible rainbow chard stems go into Dirks bowl because he adores them. We have to make sure he doesn’t eat too much and watch his intake of oxalates and sugar but he manages to repurpose most of our grub. 

Just chilling

Sell Yourself: Vegan Mofo Day 13

Today we’re supposed to talk about the vegan business we’d open if we could. And I went backwards and forwards on this one but for me it all came down to bread. I’d like to open a tiny little micro bakery. It would be a subscription service and people would order bread to be delivered a couple of times a week.


Aside from the standard white bread I’d also offer a few treats. Nothing overly elaborate. I’m not going to get good at cake decorating anytime soon. But everyone likes a little sweet treat to start the day. So I’d offer muffins. Blueberry. Chocolate chip. All made 100% vegan with the magic of aquafaba.


I’d also offer more speciality breads and the one I’m really known for is my focaccia. I make it to go with all sorts of Italian food or just for fun. Stephen says it’s his favourite focaccia and he’s not biased or anything. Neither are my imaginary customers and they give it five stars.

Grocery Store Tips And Tricks: Vegan Mofo Day 12

I have a love for food shopping that leaves most people baffled and questioning my sanity.  Unfortunately I just don’t have very many tips and tricks. I’m not really organised about my food shopping. I have found some fun products in my time thought. If you’re in Torquay all of these were found in the Newton Road branch.

Three of the Best: Accidentally Vegan at Asda

bacon fries

Bacon Flavour Crinkle Fries

Some things you just buy to amuse yourself and these crinkle fries are one of those things. Crinkle is the second best shape for a chip after curly and bacon is, apparently, the greatest flavour. Put them together and what do you get? A chip that tastes like a warm frazzle. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.


Find them in the freezer section with the other chips.


Garlic Dough Balls 

Made with oil and not butter these doughballs are suitable for vegans. That does make it oily though. Have a napkin on hand for when you eat these. They are deliciously garlicky and and are perfect on the side of your pizza or pasta.


Find them in the freezer section near the pizza.

mint thins

Mint Thins

Mint with chocolate on top. Own brand After Eights but without the dairy by-products. Delicious. It’s mint and chocolate, what more can I say.

mint thins open

Find then by the sharing sweets.

Kitchen Tour: Vegan MoFo Day 11

Welcome to my kitchen. Before I show you around I should probably mention that we have no kids, we don’t drink, we don’t really socialise. We have three things in our life: lego, pets who are more antisocial than we are, and this kitchen. That said it’s not very big. But we cram as much as humanly possible into it.

So yeah, that’s it! We have a washing machine in the kitchen, which of course makes me terribly common. We also have bunting because it’s the law in England and the word ‘vegan’ because how can you tell if someone is vegan? You don’t have to their cupboards will tell you. We’re open plan so over on the right is the lounge and behind is the dining area were the parakeet and guinea pig live.

Side view: you can see the overspill from the cupboards on the right there. The big plastic tub is our bread bin because Stephen has a no twee faux-vintage bread bin policy. I don’t have such a policy. It causes arguments in kitchenwear shops. But he lets me get away with decorating the fridge so I can’t complain.

These are the countertop appliances we keep out. And yes we have more scattered around the flat. Left to right let me introduce you to the vitamix, stand mixer, coffee grinder, instant pot, the kettle, and the toaster. The coffee grinder gets used almost exclusively for garam masala. I’m in love with the instant pot it gets used at least once a day. I use it to speed up my cooking, save money using dried beans and, most of all, for cooking rice. The toaster has a crumpet mode, which is essential.

More overspill storage. A rail for the more decorative pans, cookie cutters and utensils. Tubs for flour, rice, cashews, vital wheat gluten. The banana bowl. I had an ex who called me a lesbian feminazi in the kitchen (affectionately, I think) so when I moved in here I made this ‘bitch in kitchen’ cross stitch to let Stephen know what he was in for.

We got a new hob this year. We switched from gas to induction. If you didn’t think my crumpet mode was exciting you have to admit that induction cooking is. We converted because it’s more environmentally friendly and we adore induction. I was worried that it would be as rubbish as electric so Stephen got me one of those portable Ikea hobs. I loved how responsive it was. We did have to get a few new pans though. I got these cute little enamel ones from Ikea. I love Ikea.

Under the hob is, of course, the oven. We upgraded to this baby a couple of years back. After deciding on a Neff we thought we should pay the extra cash so we’d have the door that slides under like on Bake Off. Admittedly we didn’t make that choice from a practical standpoint but actually in a small kitchen with two cooks it makes a really huge difference.

What about the insides of my cupboards? You do not want to see that. It’s just chaos. But I will show you some of my collections. Above you’ll find my Starbucks mugs, from my last Disney/Universal trip. More practical than Disney pins. Though I still bought Disney pins.

I never get to use these anymore. Depressingly it’s been over a year since I last had a full time job. Clockwise from top left: snack box, salad box, cat bento, stacking boxes with cute things eating smiley noodles. And in the bottom picture: Hello Kitty box, Yay Lunch box, laptop lunch box, and a thermos style box. Come to think of it I bought two of these from Epcot too.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of my kitchen and don’t think I’m too strange…

Secret Ingredient: Vegan Mofo Day 10

I couldn’t pick just one so here are my top five flavour enhancers:

Liquid Smoke

liquid smoke

Can someone tell me why liquid smoke is not more readily available in the UK? If you haven’t tried it then all you need to know is that liquid smoke is smoke that is collected in condensers. Smoke in Liquid form. It’s that simple and using it is simple too. You can throw it into chills, sauces, marinades. And we all know smoked things taste better.

White Miso


White miso is a star. As well as using it in Japanese cooking you can also use it to make things taste creamy and cheesy. I use it in my Tomato Rissoto. If you are in the UK stay away from Clearspring. It’s gross.

Smoked Salt

cornish sea

Smoked Salt is way more accessible in the UK than liquid smoke. Obviously it’s salt that has been smoked. Use it where you would use salt. I like to put it on veggies before steaming them.

Toasted Sesame Oil


Use as a finishing touch. I like to think of toasted sesame oil as the magic ingredient that makes stir fries and fried rice taste incredible. One step that can really elevate your cooking.

Worcestershire Sauce


Regular Worcestershire sauce has anchovies so look for the veggie version. When you you find it though you’ll never be happier. Here in England we use it to give simple meals a bit of pep. Shake it into your baked beans, or on cheese on toast. Or try it in a veganised Yakisoba.